Bikes with a history

State-of-the-art in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Designed to last. Taking hills, mountain passes and cobblestones in their stride. They have covered more miles than you dare imagine. Forgotten, they gather dust in sheds, attics and alleyways. Too Spartan to ride. Too good to throw away.

All they need is fixing, decided the makers at Moosach. So they strip down those old racing frames. You remember, those seductive slender aluminium and steel urban beasts. They strip off the moving parts. Strip them down to the bone. The frame and fork then get an invigorating chemical scrub. Dried and under a fresh new paint job, the base has been laid for a real Moosach.

And that's when the real fun starts. Rebuilding. Trendy new stuff. No nonsense with 27 gears, instead exclusive top-quality parts. So what do you get? A bicycle with a story to tell. A perfect and healthy means of transportation to take you from A to B. Stylishly.

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Step into the present

Where Moosachs ready themselves - physically and mentally - for their invasion. All they need now is to find a new base.

ballroom ballroom


This classy lady earned her living. Day after day. Working hard, doing so faster than the speed of light. She simply deserved her transformation to a lady in red.

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bumblebee bumblebee


The Bumblebee. This original and typically Dutch Gazelle Tour de l'Avenir from the eighties transformed into Moosach eye-candy.

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silversurfer silversurfer

Silver Surfer

Bright and dazzling. Blinding in the sunlight, absorbing its surroundings. The ultimate space invasion. The beautiful simplicity of aluminium...

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strike strike


An original blue and white apparition that raced through Dutch province of Brabant's green heart many moons ago. This Benotto was like the wind. Tireless. Yet forgotten, we unearthed this classic from a dusty shed.

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Peer into the future and watch the Moosachs preparing for their personal invasion. Satisfy your curiosity and see which models have already had their moment of fame, the successful invasions. If you’re lucky, you might spot one in the wild.

The Moosach History

The driving force that is Moosach bikes always had a thing with bicycles. Not your mainstream City Bike, ATB or Cruiser. No. Bikes with that underground feel, exquisitely simple models. Ridden by messengers and other adventurers who prowl the streets of major cities around the world.

A brief visit to the tiny but illustrious village of Moosach, within the Munich force field, jolted the cogs in Jeroen van IJzendoorn’s and Robert van de Wiel’s brains into action. They came across them everywhere they went; (fantastic) bikes from a long gone era. With weird sprung luggage racks that slash a freshly baked baguette as soon as they look at it. They were sure they could bring those treasures back to life!

They were right. Moosach Bikes was launched in 2011. Robert and Jeroen completed the first bikes and, since then, have been foraging around sheds and garages in search of fresh candidates.

Your Moosach

Do you have a nice old racer kicking around? Your dad’s or even your granddad’s? Come on, give this classic bike the second childhood it deserves. We’re itching to transform it into a true urban traveller. Unique, one-of-a-kind, top quality, unparalleled. A Moosach.

Space Invasion

What have Space Invaders got to do with your Moosach? Well, that is exactly what you’re doing riding this bike: You’re invading space.

Team Moosach