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We step down ...

To go short: Moosach bikes stops. Here and now.
What started with the search for one new bike, ended up as a somewhat out of hand 'hobby'. Our marketing and design experience was well used during the one-and-a-half years. On top of that one-bike we wanted, we produced a nice range of slender, prominent bicycles with a (hi)story.
We look back on an exciting time. With passion and a limited budget, we have created the brand Moosach. We saw how the one-of-a-kind fixies were born. No-nonsense bicycles, where quality and design go hand in hand. We saw our fanbase grow, read rave stories in national and international media. And we saw - with tears in our eyes - how the first Moosach left the building.
Despite these highlights, the niche market proved to be too small in the year 2012 and didn’t translated all the positive vibes into the required 'sales'. We looked at the possibilities to give the brand Moosach a boost. We have discussed for hours. We weighed everything. Finally, we decided - with pain in our hearts - to switch off the lights...
This is were Moosach stops. But our passion for bikes and design continues.
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Some real Moosach Bikes

  • Ballroom Moosach rood red bikes dames ladies
  • Bumblebee Moosach geel yellow bikes
  • Cyan Moosach bikes blue blauw
  • Silver Surfer Moosach bikes zilver
  • The Strike lucky moosach bikes wit white
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